Center for Language Studies

The Center for Language Studies ~ CLS

Brown’s Center for Language Studies (CLS) was established in 1987 to support the teaching and learning of modern languages by Brown's lecture-track faculty. In 2019, the Center became central to the University's initiative to renew and strengthen language departments at Brown. Nowadays, you will find all ranks of faculty collaborating and innovating side-by-side with graduate students.

Our Mission Statement

The Center for Language Studies supports the teaching and learning of all languages at Brown and promotes the importance of intercultural competence in our global society. By offering opportunities to reflect on teaching practices, to develop professionally and to stay updated regarding research in language pedagogy, we remain committed to helping faculty and graduate students excel. We foster a community of undergraduates who are invested in a sincere and critical dialogue with others by learning languages representing a variety of cultures and traditions. We coordinate events and professional development for faculty and graduate students and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities for undergraduates.

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