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Why Study Arabic?

Arabic is a beautiful language that represents the culture and heritage of 420 million speakers around the world. Studying Arabic will give you access not only to modern Arabic literature, culture and politics, but will also allow you to delve into a rich ancient civilization and its knowledge of philosophy, religion, astronomy and many other fascinating fields that captured the attention of Arab scholars. Arabic is also the language of the Quran, the Arabian Nights, and many influential books in medicine, math, chemistry and philosophy. Since Arabic is designated a “Critical Language” by the US government, students have strong career potential in fields such as diplomacy, business, international development and academia. 

Arabic Language Faculty

  • Elsa Belmont Flores

    Elsa Belmont Flores

    CLS Assistant Director, Lecturer in Language Studies, Lecturer in Arabic

    Elsa Belmont Flores’s work at Brown’s Center for Language Studies includes teaching beginning through advanced-level courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Beginning Levantine Colloquial Arabic. She also serves as a mentor to Fulbright and Graduate Teaching Assistants in beginning Arabic courses. Prior to joining Brown University in 2018, Elsa served as Assistant Director and Resident Coordinator for the Middlebury School in Jordan where she worked collaboratively with faculty and community members to achieve the program’s goals for curricular development and student immersion. Elsa’s pedagogical interests include youth culture in the Arab World, media and film, and the use of technology in the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language.

  • Miled Faiza

    Miled Faiza

    Senior Lecturer in Arabic, Language Program Coordinator for Arabic

    Miled Faiza is a poet and translator. He is the author of two books of poetry: ʾAsābiʿ al-naḥḥāt (2019) and Baqāya al-bayt alladhī dakhalnāhu marrah wāḥidah (2004). He has translated two novels from English to Arabic: Autumn (al-Kharīf, 2017), and Winter (al-Shitāʾ, 2019), both by Ali Smith; from Arabic to English, he co-translated the novel al-Talyānī (The Italian, 2021), by Shukri Mabkhout. He also published many translations of poetry and short stories. Prior to coming to Brown in 2011, Miled taught Arabic at Michigan State University, University of Virginia, and Middlebury College.

Faculty Emerita

  • Mirena Christoff

    Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Arabic Emerita

    Mirena Christoff retired from Brown in 2023 after over twenty years as a faculty member. She taught beginning through advanced Arabic courses and created the robust Arabic program that exists today. As the inaugural Associate Director of the Center for Language Studies, Christoff was in charge of academics in World Languages and Cultures. Her research reflects her pedagogical and scholarly interests in Arab cultural history, translation studies, and the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language.

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