Center for Language Studies


Let languages be part of your Brown experience

Whether you're an undergrad, graduate student or faculty, the Center for Language Studies is your gateway to language learning. Start learning a completely new language or continue with one you already know.

Languages can take you anywhere. At CLS, we are convinced that learning languages serves your future goals while also providing you with unmatched experiences during your time at Brown. From studying and interning abroad to offering you a close-knit community here in Providence, we know how to make the local global.
Students hoping to study a language with which they have some familiarity - whether through formal classroom study, significant exposure to the language through extended stay abroad or use in your family - are invited to take a language placement test.
World Languages and Cultures (WLC) offers a variety of languages including American Sign Language, Arabic, English for International Teaching Assistants, Hindi, Nahuatl, Persian, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu and Yoruba. You can find WLC faculty offices and classrooms at 195 Angell Street.