Center for Language Studies

Faculty and Graduate Students

All undergraduates, graduate students and faculty interested in languages find community and support at the Center for Language Studies.

We support, encourage and advise undergraduates on their pathways for language learning and facilitate many co-curricular activities relating to Languages@Brown. Faculty and graduate students teaching in language departments participate in a variety of programming and have access to online resources made available by CLS in order to advance excellence in language instruction. Faculty at Brown regularly participate in pedagogy and technology workshops for language teaching and are encouraged to share and present on their own research and teaching. CLS also hosts invited guests who present on the latest trends in language learning technology.

CLS supports language faculty in delivering highly engaging, research-based language instruction where the integration of language and culture is paramount and takes places in a collaborative learning environment. Faculty find support, encouragement, expertise and camaraderie through programming and professional development offered through CLS. Come visit us on the sixth floor of the Sciences Library.
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