Center for Language Studies

Language Ambassadors

Meet our Language Ambassadors, who play an essential role in creating positive experiences for language learning at Brown.

In Fall of 2021, Megan Zhang, '22 (Education and History-French, Chinese) along with Ben Connor, '22 (CompLit and French and Francophone Studies), Selena Kiu, '24 and Spencer Sheppe, '24 are ready to work on issues relating to linguistic justice, community service and a new language journal. 

Reach out to them at [email protected]

  • Selena Kiu

    Selena Kiu '24

    Hello! I’m Selena, a sophomore thinking of concentrating in Chemistry. My interest in languages began with an appreciation for German literature, and since then, I’ve taken German and French classes at Brown. I’m also hoping to be involved in a study abroad program in the future. I love how learning a language provides insights into the way people of different backgrounds conceptualize things and I find it especially fascinating to compare the etymology of the same words in different languages. Looking forward to sharing and exploring language-related (and other) interests with you all!

  • Spencer Sheppe

    Spencer Sheppe '24

    Hi! I'm a sophomore planning on concentrating in International and Public Affairs. I speak Spanish and French, and I'm studying German and Chinese at Brown. I am so excited to help spread my love for language and culture and to invite people who speak all different languages to come together and work collaboratively.

  • Megan Zhang

    Megan Zhang '22

    Hi! I’m Megan, a senior studying Education and History. I study French and Chinese at Brown, and I have enjoyed being a Language Ambassador because it means I get to share everything that I love about language learning! During my time at Brown, I have really enjoyed the tight-knit community that languages bring together both within and outside of classrooms. Besides my classes, I also work as a Writing Fellow and tutor with BRYTE.